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Tara and Andres- babies in the house!


Cute creatures can really make you very happy. For me my passion is having puppies, they are cute, cuddly and awesome. They are so innocent that I would want to be their mother-to care for them and love them as mothers do. It really breaks my heart every time I look at them and observe what they do. Breaks my heart to tenderness. I don’t know why I have such feeling for puppies. What I only realize is that It makes my heart tender and makes me love them, they are so cute and awesome. Their naughtiness makes me become playful too. Whenever I’m down they are the ones who relieve my stress. It give’s me joy and relaxation being with them.

Here are some pictures of my dogs, Tara is a girl, Andres is a boy pup. They have grown big now, about four to five months old already. They stay in Naga, in our house there. Me and my siblings miss them, Until we heard the news that Tara was found dead because of the typhoon a week ago. Tara was found lying dead in the corner of the street. They said she drowned by the flood. Poor baby girl, an open gate can be tempting to puppies like her to stroll away even on typhoon. Tara gave me joy for a moment and I like to cherish that. Her naughtiness and candid baby moves that actually pisses me off makes me miss her right now. Andres together with our old dog Marty is staying together. They are enemies if you would ask. I hope they will have the chance to accept each other since they are just the two left to share the time together. when I reminisce it now, I just caught my self smiling. These little creatures are amazing. some people may see it as low life thing but no, they give a lot. simple pleasures, big healing for our deep soul. Be with them, you’ll see.