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Love is Freedom

Love knows no reasons,
Love knows no lies,
Love defines all reasons,
Love has no eyes…
But love is not blind,
Love sees all but doesnt mind…..
Love is freedom




Silence is Wait…Silence is Self- Control…Silence is Humility…Silence is Surrender…Silence is Letting God…Silence is Peace…


———————————————————————— huh…———————————————————————–hai…——————————————–mmmmm….———————-sssssshhhhhhh!———————————————————————————————————+.

Psalm 46:10

10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.”

a friend+ Singapore


Travel is in mind when you know you will be busy for the rest of your life with big something else: a marriage one :). I wish I had planned to travel so well when I still had the time before. The truth of the matter is that I am not a “love to travel” person, only if it’s for nature sake.
I had the chance to travel before I get married soon in November. Last week, August 6 to 9, 2011 ,I visited Grace. She is my friend who is working in Singapore now. Ye, I miss her at times when she’s not around here. Before she went working there, we used to have fun during our free time- watching movies, cooking and eating, just hanging around with friends. Lately, we had no chance to do it anymore, until I went there last week.

It’s nice too see Grace, and that time in Singapore.

Observing Singapore was such a nice discovery. A clean place, organized and systematized-A  modern world in Asia where there are lots of fun and adventures to do for tourist. Its a nice place there in Singapore. Foods are in varieties, and you have to pay for it big- comparing purchase here in the Philippines.

My 1st day in SG was a tour in Orchard st. That place is where you can find chains of Malls and shopping ctr. We have taken many pictures and roamed around. Sadly, It was sunny early afternoon that’s why we decided to watch a movie instead- Rise of the planet of the Apes- a stressful but exciting movie. After watching we went Mall-ing again and then went to Esplanade. We had the chance to watch the Fusion Band- A mix of traditional, classical and modern instrumental, good music indeed and it’s free for viewing. We went too at the Merlion park-(I dont know what the exact name of that park-I will just call it that way). We went home not so late, and has still chance to chat a little with her sister. The 2nd day, I woke up early.I helped  ate Annie to prepare breakfast and ate with them. Its raining when we are about to leave and so lacking time that’s why we canceled Sentosa iti. We just watch the Soul Surfer at home, I am so emotional that day- I can’t tell why. In the afternoon, We ate noodles “Ramen at Yishun st. , it was  for our lunch. We just roamed around at Vivo City Mall after that. We roamed around at Chinatown too.  Had an Ice Cream and FroYogurt as we wait to go to Night Safari.At Night Safari, there you will see different wild animals, I saw Carabao, too. We watched fire eating display. and then dig a Chili Crab for dinner, we got to try Singapore Sling too, a cocktail drink original of  SG. according to the internet info. That Place was far and you will intentionally go there. We waited for taxi to go home. There we were, home again, late night. On our third day, We took our early lunch at North Point at Yishun st. After that, we headed up to Sentosa. From there we took a package adventure; Luge- a mechanical ride that you will feel the feeling of kid racing, sadly the road race is too short, I wish next time they will at least double the length of the track.We took pictures, the subject was always me, Grace, us doing multiple shot moves, and our close-ups. Next time there should have at least three or in a group to take pictures to get all the look. But it’s fine, all pictures were good. We tried the Segway; it’s another ride, that time we were standing and has a much shorter path to enjoy but I liked the thing even for an experience sake. Grace, too was enjoying it. We also experienced the 4D adventure “Pirates” and the 3D Extreme Log Ride- these find you the feel of some emotional rush -interactively,Good. We ate at Mcdo, the nearest to our tired body that time as we wait for the “Songs of the Sea”. I really enjoyed that one. Songs of the sea is a musical play + using laser projector + fire and light and water display-Good Lord! that was amazing. I am full there. I don’t know how I really love nature and its majestic beauty. they are amazing to me. After that we went home. My last day, the fourth day, I just asked Grace that we would stay in the house and roam a little for the last round, and  have a nice dinner before I leave. Her sister, ate Annie cooked an Indonesian food for lunch-that was nice, tastes good. We watched movie after that, that time a cute and funny one, “Crazy thing called love”. I was so laughing and I can’t control it :). In the afternoon, we went to Bugis. I got to see Grace’s office and the La Salle art school. She’s planning to study masteral there soon. We walked thru the place and headed up to Clarke Quay for Dinner. We ate Japanese food-fancy and nice, even the river and boat scenery was a good feel in the place were we dine. After that we rushed into going home so I won’t miss my flight.We were at the Changi airport early, I did’nt miss it.

Time to say thanks and goodbye to my friend. I had enough time to rest in the lounge. As I waited, I absorbed all the fun I had with Grace there, and realized how amazing to have a friend like her.

God is so good. Thanks for all the surprises. I wonder, when will God take me to places again…

Wait and see!

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