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A life to share…


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Last weekend I went to Cebu to visit my boyfriend who was having a field education there at Immanuel Fellowship in Cebu City-a requirement subject for his course (Master of Divinity )in APTS. He most spent his time there pastor-ing and mentoring the youth.ICHTUS is the name of their youth ministry.In two months time many were accomplished especially relationship and instilling a good personal view of Christianity with them.
During my stay I’d met a lot of people there, embracing me with nice interest meeting me as Ric’s fiance and a Christian sister from Luzon. There I was, happy and interested too. Paving the lack of sleep with my straight from work condition and an upset feeling with our relationship misunderstanding just enervated me,but by the renewing of my mind by the holy spirit whisper-I am energized and felt okay.It was Rick’s farewell tribute from the youth.That evening was fun.Ric speaks about tips on being a true Christian. They gave Ric a token personalized T-shirt “ICHTUS loves Ric” on it, nice T-shirt.We were prayed-over by Pastor Eee and the youth,We had eaten spicy Bicol specialties like Laing and Bicol Express cooked by Ric. And for FB’S sake–Pictorial! 🙂
One of the ICHTUS youth leader hosted our 3 day stay in their house at Corona del Mar at Talisay City. The Longkines family gave us such hospitality, very warm and attentive- serving us in their house.Mommy Wil and tito Rod are a nice couple. Observing their life was an inspiration for me to do the same with mine in the future-racing godly kids and humbly treating others as if their own family. Thanks to that.We manage to have fun even for a short time. Rodney brought us to subdivison’s club area. We had a sporty activity- a little basketball shooting under the scortching heat of the sun and had swam in the pool-“my lovely relaxation regimen” we got to swam as well as seeing the overlooking sea in front of a pool it was so nice and fancy to me..We spent most of our Saturday with John and Rodney (Longkines brothers) A kind-heart-ed brothers driving us around and being with us with our stay.
Sunday came, a big event for Ric that time, He preached the whole two services.Before he had stepped-up to the pulpit we prayed and called the presence of God to bless everyone in the place. There I was being my best to support him, interceding in prayer and be of good encouragement to him both spiritually and physically.That was a nice experience. Ric was on fire delivering the word of God. Many had been blessed as he preached about the Pentecost (Holy Spirit). Amazing at how God reveals to everyone. I Knew it was not him but Him who does the work.I had never thought of it as close as I saw it really. Many went in front to be prayed-over and had given their lives ones again in communion with God.
Thank you Lord!
After the service, we ate at SOTOKIL-or STK for short– A popular restaurant in Cebu. Good restaurant and good food. Exotic and elegantly Filipino natural.In the afternoon, the youth went with us at Corona del Mar at John and Rodney’s place to have some fun activity but we just had an afternoon rest back to were we stayed, and planned to have fun with them later. We rested for an hour. Ready to go there, we failed to meet them because Pastor Noel and his family fetch us for a dinner invitation with I.F.admin :). To our surprise, the ICHTUS youth followed and had their dinner with us there. We ate at Balamban Liempo–I love the taste. A taste of Cebu. We took some pictures for FB’s sake again–everyone was having fun and funny as well.That evening was time to say goodbye to everyone, We had some nice short talk with the youth.

Ric was so elated with the youth’s response to every work God entrusted to him. the fruit of his labor was seen positively in his face. A happy man makes me happy too. He feels for the youth–a deep concern and a brotherly love.
Monday early morning we rushed to the airport at Mactan City for our 8am flight, some youth managed to rise up early to bade us goodbye for the last time.
Visiting there was an experience.I had a great time knowing them and sharing a capsule of time with them for three days.

This is one of my realization how life is made to share for others,especially the fellowship with Christian friends–That no matter what differences;geographically, culturally or even personally, each one God places in the heart a sense of gratefulness and belonging-ness–one that is found in Jesus Christ alone- Grace!
Thank you Lord for the experience! Amazing.